Sport ( Level 1 / Basic Freediving)

Make your first step into the silent world of freediving

Start your Freediving Journey from basic theory and dry breath hold practice, through pool experience, up to challenging open water freedives to the maximum depth of 20m!

Session 1 (Theory And Pool Session)

Theory Session and Pool Session

1 Day

Basic technique, equipment, physiology, basic principles of freediving, mammalian dive reflex, safety, breathing and relaxation, intro to breath holding

Session 2 (Open Water Session)

Open Water

2 Days 1 Night

Basic technique (equalisation practice, duckdive, body positioning, relaxation), safety,
rescue, max depth attempt.

Pricing Tables

Sport ( Level 1 / Basic Freediving)Rp.2.500.000

  • Theory Session and Pool Session
  • Exclude open water, max 4 persons
  • Schedule – every week

Open Water CoursePramuka IslandRp.1.500.000

  • 2 Days 1 Night
  • Min 4 persons and max 8 persons
  • Schedule - every month